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    How to Transform Your Body - 6 Strategies for Busy Menopausal Women

    • Meet Marites Flores - Body Transformation Coach

    • Strategy No. 1 - Menopause is Normal. Focus on the Solution NOT the Problem

    • Strategy No. 2 - What's your Number? Focus on Body Composition

    • Strategy No. 3 - How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat?

    • Strategy No. 4 - How to Increase Pelvic Floor Muscles

    • Strategy No. 5 - How to increase metabolism and keep energy levels up

    • Strategy No. 6 - Make Recovery a Priority

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    • Before you go....

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    BONUS Resources

    • Six Sigma Fit - Success Principles

Are you sick and tired of losing control of your health and fitness?

  • I am ready to take back control of my health and fitness through menopause age.

  • I am keen to learn more about my hormones and how I can manage them whilst transforming my body successfully.

  • I am committed to reach my full physical fitness potential through my golden age

  • I need help and I am ready to focus on my health and fitness.

Marites Flores - Body Transformation Coach

Together, let's create the next chapter of your fitness story

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How To Transform your Body - Kick Starter Course